How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients

Inside This FREE Mini Class, You'll Find Out How To Make 6 or 7 figures Selling $1,997 $2,997 $4,997 Even $10,000 High Ticket Products/Services and/or Programs

Why is a marketing funnel essential?
The top 1% of coaches, consultants and thought leaders are talking about client funnels. The traditional way of getting traffic through video, blogging, podcasting and social media is time consuming and even a waste of time.
Paid advertising linked to an Ideal Client - Marketing Funnel and deploying A PROVEN ENROLMENT METHOD is the answer. Also, Facebook advertising is becoming very expensive and only those businesses that understand FB Ads and can afford to spend thousands of dollars on advertising will get the traffic. Only with an expertly designed and implemented "ideal client funnel" can you benefit from;

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    Financial freedom Scale your business up to $100K/pm
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    Personal/time freedom Serving 15 clients pm is a lot easier than 15,000
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    Future survival Selling low ticket is no longer financially viable

Selling a $7, 17, 27 or 97 eBook, training course or program will no longer generate enough revenue to compete with ever increasing advertising costs. It is therefore vital that you learn high ticket selling.

What skills are vitally important?
Mindset and strategy are critical to your success. Mindset on it's own won't get you there and strategy without mindset is going to fail. When you mix mindset with a proven strategy - you've got a great chance of success.
But, you'll still need the right skills and tools to get you over the finishing line and ensure your survival. You'll need to master strategy, marketing hooks, video sales letters and webinars as well as LIVE classes.

Get The Only HIGH TICKET Marketing Funnel Strategy You'll Ever Need

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* For Marketing, Ad Agencies, Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers that already have a product or service that solves a big problem.



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